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NFC wood plate

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Connected products for your business

In the digital age, the way companies interact with their customers is constantly evolving. Izikard's connected products (cards, plaques, badges and easels) represent the next step in this evolution, offering an innovative and effective way to strengthen customer engagement and improve your e-reputation. Discover our Google review cards and other products today.

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NFC wood plate Google reviews

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PVC NFC plate Google review

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UV printing on all our products

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UV printing is a modern printing technique that uses special inks and ultraviolet light to dry or "polymerize" the ink instantly. At Izikard, all our products benefit from this cutting-edge printing technology, guaranteeing top-quality products.

Choosing Izikard products means choosing quality and durability. 

Get more Google reviews for your business

Improve your online visibility with Izikard's connected Google review cards. Designed to maximize customer engagement, our white PVC, black PVC and natural wood cards make the process of leaving a Google review a breeze. Thanks to the integrated NFC technology and QR Code, your customers are instantly redirected to your Google review page, increasing the chances of positive feedback and improving your ranking on the platform. Don't miss this opportunity to boost your e-reputation in an elegant and effective way.

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